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Después de varios años como fotógrafo he explorado diferentes ramas del arte como fotoperiodismo, fotografía de viaje, paisajes, entre otros. Ahora es tiempo de enfocarme en los temas principales y de mayor interés, siguiendo mi pasión. En las próximas semanas estaré escribiendo sobre las historias detrás de las fotografías y actualizando el contenido semanalmente.

After many years as a photographer exploring different areas such as photojournalism, landscape and travel photography,  now the time has come to settle and focus on the main subjects of interest and most important, to follow my passion.  In the next weeks I will be writing the stories behind the photos and updating the content weekly.


Gerardo Grassl.

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Gerardo Grassl

Originally from San Salvador (El Salvador) with an adventurous spirit and great love for his country. Now living temporarily in Buenos Aires and through his travels tries to capture the most important thing: the essence of things.

Has worked for the national newspaper when living in El Salvador, and frequently publishes nature photography of national landscapes. Also has participated in different exhibitions, including the last one where he exposed the natural beauty of El Salvador in Doha, Qatar. Has a great passion for the ocean and the people.

“Do it with passion, or not at all.”

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